Specialists in joining plastics

Vacuum moulded parts can be closed with a spot weld or covered with foil. For both options Aeson has developed standard machines called Blister machines.

Blister packs are formed by a vacuum- mouldedpart, mostly in combination with a laminated foil. The blister machine closes the package by spot welding or seam welding. The machine can be provided with an ultrasonic or thermal welding system.

Blistering with a laminated foil results in a water and gas tight packaging for your product, ideal for food or medicine. A printed card with images and texts for commercial purposes can be attached.

Our blister machines are equipped with high-quality components to guarantee durability under heavy use. Aeson offers you a choice of manually operated machine but also components for automated packaging.

Key Benefits:

  • Permanently closed packaging
  • Inexpensive but ideal for advertising
  • Machines for every price/performance level

ultrasoon las machines bij Aeson

ultrasoon las machines bij Aeson