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Via this scheme we describe the hotplate welding process in several steps:





Products are placed in the mouldmould, fixed and vacuumed if necessary.



The hot plate is placed between products.
Moulds move towards product.


Hot- press is applied to the moulds.
Melt Time expires.
No movement

    Moulds move away from the product.
Th hot plate is removed from the product
ove the moulds toward each other.
Welding pressure is applied.
Weld depth is reached.
Cooling time expires.



The moulds move to the outside.
Final product remains in one of the moulds.
Product can be removed


Advice on welding seams:

In order to make a hotplate weld, preparation of the seam is necessary. There is a proper solution for every product, depending on the requirements for strength, water or gas density, visual aspects, etc. Please contact us for expert advice. We are happy to email you the various options.