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Welding of plastics is done by means of heat. This ensures optimum strength and makes the weld water and gas tight. For hotplate welding machines Aeson provides custom made tools. Our hotplate welding machines are equipped with a flat hotplate which can be heated up to 275 degrees. They are fitted with a Teflon coating to prevent adhesion. These hotplates are suitable for semi-crystalline materials such as PP, PE and PVC. For amorphous materials such as ABS and PC engineering plastics as ABS – PC Aeson provides hotplates with custom finish, suitable for a higher temperature.

The main advantages of our hotplate welding machines are:

  • Solid welding results
  • Suitable for small to very large parts
  • Built to your specific requirements

Aeson always offers these hot plate welding machines:

  1. Type STL -150 with a maximum hotplate size of 150x200mm
  2. Type STL -300 with a maximum mirhotplate or size of 300x400mm
  3. Type STL - 500 with a maximum hotplate size of 500x700mm

Product levers will be adapted to the product and accommodated with manual, pneumatic or vacuum clamps. Contact protection against heat and clamping is achieved by PMMA screens and a light screen. The fitting of doors is optional. The explicit open structure of our machines accommodates automatic insertion and removal of products on removal of the superstructure. Aeson provides custom made hot plate welding machines on specification.

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