Specialists in joining plastics

A unique solution to weld through sound.
Fast as lightning. Strong. Reproducibility is guaranteed
For ultrasonic welding Aeson works closely together with Rinco Ultrasonics AG in Switzerland,
a renowned name in welding for over 40 years.

Key benefits for buying Ultrasonic welding machines are:

  • High speed, welding in less than 1 second
  • Exceedingly strong: up to 90 % of the strength of the wall
  • 100% reproducible

Ask Aeson for advice!
Experienced consulting is essential when welding is concerned.
Mail or fax us your product design and requirements. You can expect an immediate overview of the possibilities and, if any, the seam construction.

Follow this link for more information on the theory on the ultrasonic welding of plastics.


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 Aeson for Rinco equipment

ultrasoon las machines bij Aeson


The new Rinco Ultrasonic welding machines "Electrical Motion Series"  

Ultrasonic welding machines

All of the ultrasonic welding machines in the "Electrical Motion series" work entirely without compressed air. On these machines, the parameters for the welding process can be fine-tuned in order to produce optimum welding results of the highest possible quality.
The Electrical Motion 20 kHz ultrasonic welding machines are suitable for technically challenging welding operations involving thermoplastic parts as well as for welding and cutting synthetic textiles.


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